SPACE (Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally)

As an integral component of our Nurture provision, we invite parents to participate in a comprehensive five-week programme known as SPACE – an acronym for "Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally." Our Nurture Lead has been trained to facilitate  this programme to groups of parents/carers offering practical activities and insights into the neuroscience behind trauma, attachment theories, toxic stress responses and why protective factors are important. We know joined up, consistent approaches used to support children across home and school are going to make the biggest difference. 

Within the five week course we address topics such as:

  • Biological stress responses
  • Impact of ACEs and trauma
  • Attachment theories and nurturing parents
  • Understanding behaviour and resilience
  • Protective behaviours
  • Child development milestones
  • Managing difficult emotions
  • Importance of self-care and nurturing children
  • Healthy relationships
For more information on our SPACE offer for parents please contact the school office.

"I completed the SPACE course with Michelle and was absolutely blown away with how supportive she was and not only that but how down to earth she was, the fact that she has been there and done that is also so helpful and her openness about her own experience is priceless."


"It was held in the nurture space which is so relaxing."


"The main thing that I didn’t even know I needed to know, was that other mums are going through similar and having the support of them and hearing their stories and guidance along side Michelle, who has first hand experience of this, was amazing. This opportunity also meant Michelle gets to hear more about my child’s needs and what’s going on for them including their triggers and it helps the school to give my child much more support as they know what’s going on for her, what triggers her and Michelle gave me tips and tricks to help keep home more calm and they have worked. I’ve seen a HUGE change in my child and our home life is so much more relaxed and chilled we actually enjoy more time together than us both being stressed."