PE and Sports Premium

Vision Statement:

St Day and Carharrack provides a variety of high quality physical experiences to encourage healthy active lifestyles, engagement and enjoyment in competitions and the desire to excel through developing the determination to succeed. We will ensure that each individual is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our ethos at St Day and Carharrack combines physical learning, health and cognitive thinking across all key stages. We believe that PE and sport play a key role in personal development and that every child should be provided with opportunities to participate in a wide range of sporting and physical activity.   
Using our grant we intend to support a range of activities – endeavouring to develop physical confidence and support learning that will enhance children’s skills across the curriculum and encourage healthy lives and improved fitness. 
We are aiming to improve concentration, memory, behaviour and academic performance through sport. We want to motivate all children, encourage their personal and team performance and participation, promote confidence and self-esteem. This whole school enhancement encourages fairness, values, responsibility, and respect.