Emotional Literacy

The Zones of Regulation


Here at St Day and Carharrack School, we teach emotional literacy through the 'Zones of Regulation'. 


What are The Zones of Regulation?


The Zones of Regulation is a framework designed to help individuals, especially children, develop self-regulation skills and emotional control. The Zones of Regulation provides a simple and practical way to categorise and understand various emotional states and levels of alertness. The framework uses a colour-coded system to represent different emotional zones, each associated with specific emotional and physiological states.

The four zones are:
1. Blue Zone (Low Energy/Down): In this zone, individuals may feel sad, tired, or bored. Physiologically, they might experience low energy levels, slow movements, or feelings of being sick.
2. Green Zone (Good to Go): This is the ideal zone for learning and engaging in daily activities. In the Green Zone, individuals are calm, focused, and ready to learn. They may feel happy, content, or relaxed.
3. Yellow Zone (Heightened Alertness): This zone is associated with heightened emotions and a moderate level of alertness. Individuals in the Yellow Zone may be experiencing frustration, excitement, anxiety, or stress. Physiologically, they may exhibit signs such as a faster heartbeat, tense muscles, or restlessness.
4. Red Zone (Elevated Alertness/High Energy): The Red Zone represents intense emotions and a high level of alertness. Individuals in this zone may be experiencing anger, fear, panic, or extreme excitement. Physiologically, they may show signs such as a racing heart, rapid breathing, or a fight-or-flight response.
The aim of the Zones of Regulation is to help individuals recognise and manage their emotional states by providing tools and strategies for self-regulation. The framework emphasises the importance of being aware of one's emotions, understanding the triggers that lead to different zones, and employing appropriate strategies to move between zones as needed. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with challenges in emotional regulation. 
How do we teach the Zones?
Here at school we deliver the Zones of Regulation to all children. We have 'Nurture Out Reach' sessions where the Zones will be shared and explored with all children in their classrooms. We also run small group work where children can receive input around the zones in a more intensive, bespoke manner. Teaching the zones in small groups supports our children to return to their classroom, prepared to independently implement their own strategies for self-regulation. 
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