Curriculum Purpose and Aims

Curriculum Purposes and Aims – our INTENT

We are the Change-Makers of our World

Enjoy, Engage, Excel

At St Day and Carharrack Community School, we recognise that our children need to experience learning which is beyond the statutory expectations of the National Curriculum. The school’s ‘hidden’ curriculum of positive and kind relationships between each other, and thoughtful behaviours and attitudes will drive overall success. Within our school community, our Rights Respecting School principles of dignity, equality and respect are the golden thread that bind us altogether.

Our bespoke curriculum with carefully chosen content, immerses all children in rich learning experiences across every subject. Our curriculum has been designed with our core values at the heart of it – enjoyment, engagement and excellence. Children will be communicate confidently, listen openly, think critically and question respectfully. They will be equipped to learn more – to be their best, to be even better, to be brilliant.

Our curriculum connects past, present and future events of local, national and global relevance and significance. Children will see themselves within the ‘bigger picture’ of life and know how they can make responsible contributions to this. Difference and diversity will be explored and celebrated.

Skills, knowledge and vocabulary are organised in a sequential manner to enable good or better progress within learning; the contexts in which these are delivered are not fixed. We recognise that our curriculum needs to be flexible to the ever-changing modern world.

The intent and structure of our curriculum is to facilitate deep learning for all children, making links across subject disciplines and practicing transferring knowledge and skills. Opportunities for repetition enable new learning to become deeply embedded. Children will be prepared for statutory tests and assessments having accessed a broad and balanced curriculum – to enable success through their academic journey.

Through the enjoyment of, and the engagement with the St Day and Carharrack curriculum, our children will be able to progressively know more, remember more and be able to do more to achieve excellence.


· All children will progressively accumulate the knowledge, skills and vocabulary needed to achieve and exceed the highest possible standards; they will know more, remember more and be able to do more as they progress through school. Consistent high expectations underpin this.

· Carefully planned rich, enjoyable learning experiences and opportunities will uncover the unique talents, gifts of character and abilities of all. Children will take pride in both their learning and wider achievements, using these to achieve and excel.

· All children will be active participants in celebrating learning progress through the use of REAL outcomes; their learning will make a real-time difference to their local and wider community.

· All children, as part of our Rights Respecting school community, will understand their rights and apply these in a kind, considerate and empathetic manner, knowing when to give of their own energy and skills for the benefit of others.

· All children will be equipped to know how to make happy, healthy life choices for themselves and within their fulfilling relationships with others

· All children will be able to communicate effectively and creatively through both the written and spoken word and use these skills to engage and contribute with positive impact.

· All children will develop independence and the ability to organise themselves through the application of learnt skills and positive habits of learning.

· All children will know they have the potential to bring about change for the better as our Change–Makers of the World.