Art and Design

Art and Design Curriculum Intent Statement

Here at St Day and Carharrack Community Primary School art is at the very core of our curriculum. Every child is given the opportunity to develop their creative skills and excel as an artist. Our vision will engage our learners by nurturing and valuing expression while exploring various themes and mediums. Children will be inspired by the work of artists, examine artefacts and go on to master techniques. Through sequential planning our children will be enabled to fully explore projects in depth, embedding a deep understanding of various artistic processes. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own masterpieces. As pupils progress, they will develop the skills and confidence to think critically about their art and the art of others securing a deeper understanding of art and design. Our children will appreciate how art has shaped history and culture. Through collaboration, children will celebrate art within our local community and from communities around the world. Art for many children is a great source of enjoyment and our art curriculum aims to encourage and celebrate this. With our guidance they will explore their thoughts, harness their emotions and instil pride and confidence in themselves as artists, as individuals and as Change-Makers of our World.
Progression in Art and Design and Long Term Plan
The National Curriculum 2013 - Art and Design
Useful links for home learning
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