What to expect In Year 6

In Year 6, we will enjoy, engage and excel in many different learning opportunities. Year 6 is the final year in Primary school and there will be great emphasis on preparation for Secondary school. The children will be offered the chance to take on responsibilities and leadership roles throughout school. 
We will continue our roles as Rights Respecting Change-Makers, Sports Leaders, Reading Champions and Computers Leaders and organise and lead on school and community projects. We have a jam packed sports calendar throughout the year and all children will have the opportunity to represent the school in a sporting competition.
We will be the role models of the school in our behaviour and will lead by example, ensuring we follow our Golden Rules at all times.
The children have some very exciting topics over the year and look forward to sharing their learning with you.
Most importantly Year 6 will be full of fun and laughter, enjoying, engaging and excelling as well as showing kindness to each other and enjoying our time together!