Headline Data

2019 DATA

At St Day and Carharrack, we value the achievements of each child across the whole curriculum, however big or small. Children are also assessed in English and maths at the end of KS1 and KS2 using the Statutory Assessments Tests (SATS). The results show a snapshot of the whole cohort, but what is more important is that we celebrate the success of each individual and their own learning journey to reach their achievements.

This last year our KS2 attainment results are some of the best the school has ever seen, due to the hard work and determination of our staff during a year of change and significant challenge. We are very proud of our children for taking on the learning challenge. Attainment in reading, writing, GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) and maths has all increased since 2018 with GPS and Maths becoming strengths. Reading, GPS and maths attainment are all above national outcomes. Writing has improved since 2018 by 2.5% but remains below the National. Writing continues to be a school improvement focus for 2019-2020 to enable more pupils to meet age-related national outcomes in this curriculum area, in particular, we look to increase the percentage of children achieving the higher standard.

We are pleased to celebrate the higher standard outcomes for reading, GPS and maths all of which are well above Cornwall and national results. With our exciting topic based learning curriculum we are aiming even higher for 2020 by ensuring our children have a love of all learning and we equip them with the knowledge and skills to be successful life-long learners.

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