At St Day and Carharrack Primary school, we believe every child is a musician. Music plays an integral role in helping children feel part of a community. We want our children to develop a passionate appreciation and positive attitude towards music through listening, singing and performance both in class and to an audience. Using the Charanga scheme of work, children will experience a progressive curriculum developing key musical concepts, knowledge and skills. Our vision is to give children access to an enjoyable and engaging curriculum reflecting the world they live in now. Furthermore, our children will evaluate, analyse and compose music across a wide variety of historical periods, traditions and musical genres.
Through assemblies and key stage performances, children will showcase their talents and excel in their understanding of performance and awareness of others. We want our children to become independent learners within this area, reflect upon their learning and develop resilience within the musical world.
The intention of our music curriculum is to develop pupils who:
  •          Enjoy and have an appreciation for music.
  •          Listen, appraise, review and evaluate a wide variety of musical genres.
  •          Engage in a progressive and rich music curriculum.
  •          Take part in performances with an awareness of an audience.
  •          Excel in their application of music skills, knowledge and understanding.
Progression in Music and Long Term Plan
The National Curriculum 2013 - Music
Useful links for home learning
Singing Bell
Virtual Musical Instruments
BBC Play It!
Chrome Music Lab
Christmas 2022
Kana Kelyn (Singin O the Holly, Holly O)
Please see the audio file below for our school Christmas Song.
Collected from S.Laundry, Callington 1925. Arrangement H.Coleman/W.Coleman. Instrumental Richard Tretheway. 
Kana Nadelik Christmas Singing Film. This project has been supported by Liskeard Town Council, Cornwall Council, Arts Council England and FEAST, making great Art happen across Cornwall. It involved people learning three Cornish Christmas songs in weekly workshops online, hosted by Rosie Fierek. The key one is Kana Kelyn Keylyn Oh (Sing Holly Holly Oh!) a traditional local carol collected in Callington in1924.
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