What Others have told us about Nurture

Our Parents Have Told Us

“Nurture has helped my son a lot. His flare-ups are less frequent. It has a quiet area, music and a calmness to the room. He talks about his sensory activities and how much he enjoys being in there.” 


"What can I say about St Day school that would really give it the justice it deserves. My daughter was at another school and was having a terrible time. I moved her to St Day and it was like a weight has been lifted, they treat each child like individuals, not like they should all behave and act the same. They embrace each child's quirkiness and encourage them to be the best they can. They offer parents and students so much support. My child has thrived and grown so much since moving school and settled in straight away. They work with parents as a team to give full support to the children. They have helped support and work with me as a full support so we have consistency at home and school."


 “Nurture has helped my child a hell of a lot with his emotions. He is much calmer and happier than he was when he was in class before joining Nurture.”


"You've been amazing with my child - and all the others. We can never thank you enough."




Our Children Have Told Us 

“Nurture makes me feel calm.”

“I felt miserable when I came in today but you have made my day and now I feel happy.”

"It is very relaxing and it's great to have somewhere to come when we need to calm down."

"It is amazing and I enjoy being in Nurture." 

"It's much quieter and I can do my work easier." 

"I like being able to come and have a snack and have some time to chill in the quiet room." 

“I know my zones affect other peoples' zones and Nurture helped me to know that.”

“I don’t feel silly in Nurture. I feel much better.”

"Nurture has helped me understand my feelings and how to deal with them."

"I have learned how to calm myself; I now know what to do when I'm in the red zone."