Restorative Justice


The core vision, values and aims of St Day and Carharrack School link directly with the core restorative values of relationships, respect, and responsibility.  This runs through all we do.


Our vision statement is:




Happy, healthy children, enjoying learning for life - surrounded by kind, respectful relationships and engaging in rich learning experiences. Together we will enable and encourage ALL our children to discover their unique gifts of character, talents and abilities. Our children will enthusiastically contribute to society, excelling in all they choose to do. They will communicate confidently, listen openly, think critically and question respectfully – our children will be the responsible Change-Makers of Our World.




Laughing, loving, learning


Communicating, collaborating, contributing


Be your best, be even better, be brilliant


Our WHOLE SCHOOL AIMS - - to live our values and mission through our behaviours. It starts with each and every one of us!


  • People – placing kindness at the centre of our community to grow healthy, trusting, listening relationships to enable everyone to be responsible, respectful, self-sufficient, valuable members of our local, national and global communities


  • Place - creating a safe learning environment both in and out of the classroom where children’s voices are heard, the bravery, risk-taking and uniqueness of everyone is encouraged and celebrated - to grow our ‘CHANGE –MAKERS’


  • Purpose - living our values of ENJOYMENT, ENGAGEMENT and EXCELLENCE to deliver high quality, inclusive education in order that all learners achieve and exceed their personal best – to be brilliant


Restorative Justice is a key part of the ethos of our school. Our respectful relationships policy is based on restorative justice practices:


Respectful Relationships Policy 2021 -A Restorative Approach for Behaviour Management’


‘This policy outlines how we use a Restorative Approach for Positive Behaviour Management – in line with being a Rights Respecting School and a Trauma Informed School. Our high expectations are set out in our Golden Rules, created with our children each year – to enable everyone to be ready, respectful and safe at all times. We expect everyone to live our Vision, Values and Golden Rules – to grow a mutually respectful, safe, learning environment for everyone to ENJOY, ENGAGE and EXCEL in their learning.’


As stated above the school’s ethos and values are based on respectful relationships and responsibility. The staff of the school are proactive in developing these using a wide range of strategies. These include:

  • Circle times
  • Nurture provision 
  • Trauma Informed School (TIS)
  • Rights Respecting School (RRS) 
  • Team building REAL PE sessions
  • Year 6 Sports Leaders 
  • Bespoke restorative packages 
  • Developing Oracy 
  • Restorative Dialogue