Writing in St Day and Carharrack School
At St Day and Carharrack Community School, we create a rich language environment and surround children with high quality texts as we believe that a stimulating and varied reading diet is essential to develop children as writers. Children who see the value attached to other people’s writing, and the pleasure which it generates, will be eager to become writers themselves. We create opportunities for children to write in a context, which is meaningful and relevant, and ensure that the writing is for a real purpose and that cross-curricular links to the class topic are made whenever possible. Children’s writing is greatly influenced by the amount and variety of opportunities they are given for genuine discussion and, with this in mind, we build in a variety of speaking and listening and drama activities into all of our lessons. Talk is a prerequisite for writing for all children. They need to put into words what they are thinking of writing, before committing their ideas to the page. For this reason, we encourage oral rehearsal throughout the year groups. Throughout the school, displays reflect the variety of writing that is going on in the classes. We celebrate work by publishing it in a range of ways: class books, individual books, posters, leaflets, newsletters, hard backed books and anthologies.