Week beginning Monday 5th October

Our Emerald Class Viking Poem - Each child in year 4 has contributed a sentence towards this brilliant poem.

Stoick the Vast Out at Sea.

 I have scared away a great white,

And given an octopus a massive fright.            

While I’m eating my tea,

Do not mess with me!        

My name is Stoick and I am a brute,

And I am not a great big hoot.               

In the deep blue sea

Eels and seals are afraid of me.           

I am Stoick the Vast and I am a brute,

I scare off whales and I crush Cornish snails.     

I am terrifying and hairy,

Fish faint because I’m so scary.         

I’m a massive brute, as strong as can be,

When the whales come past, I break the barnacles on me.      

In the deep blue sea,

The jellyfish hate me.   

My name is Stoick, I’m horrifying and I smell,

Eels swim away and turtles hide in their shell.       

I go to sea when I am very angry

And the fish go crazy because they see me.    

When I’m eating my tea don’t mess with me,

In the ocean, sharks are scared of me.               

Stoick is so mean

He turns the sea green.            

When I go to sea the turtles stare at me,

Because I’m as dangerous as can be.                     

I have made the calm sea roar and rage as I trudge past,

The fish swim away fast.                                        

I have scared away sharks that lurk in the deep,

And fish can never sleep.                                        

I’m stinky and scruffy,

But don’t mess with me or I’ll make you scared as a puppy.           

In the deep sea,

Massive sharks fear me.                 

“I’m the boss here so don’t give work to me!”

“Weak little Stoick, hmmm, who’s he?”                                    

In the deep sea,

I have nothing to fear because they fear me!       


By Emerald Class