Week Beginning Monday 14th September 2020

This week the children have been building their resilience for longer learning sessions. 
Maths - Finding one more or one less (revision), continuing to count forwards and backwards from a given number to 100, revising the value of digits in a 2-digit number and being able to represent 2-digit numbers using tens and one. 
Phonics - We have been continuing to revise set two sounds (oo, or, ar, ou and oy). 
RE - This week we have been thinking about forgiveness, the definition of forgiveness and what forgiveness from God means to Christians. 
Art - Our final project has come together and we only have a few finishing touches to add. We have developed our learning of toning from last week to create our background and built on our observational skills to create the foreground. 
PE - Our focus this week has been being supportive to others, developing jumping skills and positive praise. 
Computing - We have been revising basic skills such as logging on and off as well as respecting our machines by shutting them down correctly. 
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R was 7 on Monday, we hope you had a lovely day.
Love from all of your friends in Amber Class, Miss Peters and Mrs Hayden
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Happy Birthday F!!!
F was 7 on Wednesday. Happy Birthday F, we hope you had a lovely day. 
Love from your friends in Amber class, Miss Peters and Mrs Hayden.