Week Beginning 28th September 2020

This week's email to families
Hello families,
The children continue to show us how sensibly they are taking our school routines around ensuring good standards of hygiene. Please thank them on our behalf. 
This week sees the start of our 'Stone Age to Romans' topic. Today the children read 'Dave's Cave' to support us launching this History learning - it is a great book. It's a simple read but very funny. 
Children will focus on the following learning this week: 
  • Writing description 
  • Writing in the style of an author
  • Mastering the basics - capital letters, full stops
  • Handwriting (the cursive style) and spellings 
  • Counting in 50s
  • Addition - moving towards mastering the formal written method of column addition. This will be taken in small steps and will take a few weeks. 
We continue on with our contribution to the whole school art project in the afternoons. The children are producing tapestry artworks based on their work of our 'Here We Are' text over the last few weeks. 
P.E. continues to be on a Monday - thank you for supporting by sending your child into school in their P.E. kit. 
Don't hesitate to be in touch should you need either Mr Hayes or myself.