WB 4th May

The Odyssey is the Ancient Greek epic tale of Odysseus making his way home to his kingdom of Ithaca. Along the way he encounters many obstacles including: The Cyclops, The bag of wind, The lotus Eaters and many many more.
We are reading the Gillian Cross version and are very much enjoying the adventure and the drama!
We have been concentrating on our 7 times table and division facts and how knowing those facts can help us work out other facts. We have been converting units of measure from mm to cm , cm to mm and both into km! Lots of multiplying and dividing skills needed - some super team work seen by all the children and a huge amount of resilience!
PE with Joe Wicks remains a favourite and the energy this week resulted in some sore legs on Thursday!
Our science has begun with sorting, grouping and testing materials according to their properties - great fun and a few interesting finds!