School Council

“When pupils feel listened to, respected and included in school life, they’re more likely to do well at school” 


At St Day and Carharrack School we have a very well-established and busy School Council. Our fortnightly meetings are lively and productive. We are passionate about helping our school be the best it can be and we believe that every single voice matters. We are always looking for new ways to communicate and share ideas with each other.  

At the start of every new school year, each child in our school has the opportunity to become a School Council representative for their class. Once the manifestoes have been delivered, a secret ballot takes place. Two children from each class are selected and are in place for the whole of that academic year. Having a successful School Council is our way of keeping Pupil Participation central, successful and embedded into our school life.  


What is pupil participation? 

Pupil participation is about having the chance to make your voice heard at school and get involved in decisions that affect your learning and well-being.  


Why pupil participation matters: 

1.It’s your right! 

As a young person, you have the right to be listened to and taken seriously when decisions are made that affect you. This right is recognised in an international human rights treaty that almost every country in the world is signed up to. It’s got a long name: The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (the UNCRC for short). The UNCRC is basically like a list of promises to young people to listen to you, keep you safe, look after you and treat you fairly. 

2. Participate + listened to + included = your best. 

Being listened to and actively included in school life and decision making helps you do well at school, because you feel more respected and included. 

3. No one else can think about what makes school work well in the way you can. 

No one else has the ideas that you have or can think the way that you think. Your words and your thoughts are unique, just like you. It’s only by listening to ALL pupils that schools can work out what is best for each and every one of you. 

You are never too young to use your voice to speak up about stuff that you care about (our reception children are living proof! The ideas that they contribute are fabulous!) and you can use your voice to make a difference to other people at school too. 


Our amazing School Councillors have done so much fantastic work this year, from helping to appoint and new Head Teacher to delivering food to our local food back and helping design Carharrack’s new park! 

Keep up to date with what our School Council has been up to by viewing the minutes on here as soon as they are published!