Reading Introduction


Our aim is to bring language alive for our children so that they develop a life-long love of reading.

Reading is taught daily in school with phonics and blending being taught in EYFS and KS1 and DERIC (decoding, explaining, retrieving, interpreting and choosing) reading being one of the strategies used across the school. Structured reading sessions in school help develop a range of reading skills and a deeper understanding of the texts being read. Children read a variety of texts in our reading sessions both fiction and non-fiction. Whole class novels are also read in upper KS2.

Whilst we maintain a clear focus on giving all children the skills to read effectively, we are also committed to inspiring a love of reading in our pupils. Books, stories and poems are shared daily and our teachers make use of a variety of engaging texts across the curriculum. The best way you can help your child to read easily and with enjoyment is to talk and listen to them as much as possible, answering questions from an early age and involving them in a variety of interesting experiences.

Spoken Language forms an integral part of English teaching and learning but is also evident across the curriculum.  The children enjoy role-play and drama activities. Our School Council help pupils develop their confidence in public speaking and we take in the Youth Speaks competition

Useful links
At St Day and Carharrack Primary School we are passionate about reading. Here are some useful links to support your learning in school and at home. 
Whole School Reading Bingo
Why not bring your reading to life and enjoy our whole school home bingo. We have a bingo grid for children in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. How many boxes can you cross off? 
Reading in EYFS
Reading in Year 6
Reading in Year 1
Reading in Year 5