Pupil Personal Development

Please find below our school's Personal Development Programme.  This has been constructed to ensure there is a coherent approach to the delivery of content, knowledge and skills which develop all children’s character – their attitudes and behaviours. This journey starts with living our jointly constructed Vision and Values based on a Rights Respecting School ethos, Trauma Informed School approaches and a Restorative Justice culture running through all we do.  

The Personal Development Programme aims to ensure our learners leave us equipped for life in modern Britain by:

  •          Knowing how to keep themselves safe and physically and mentally healthy
  •          Understanding and respecting British Values
  •          Celebrating diversity, knowing and understanding how it enriches life for all
  •          Understanding how to form safe, respectful relationships with others
  •          Developing children’s understanding to lead a responsible, active role within society
  •          Uncovering and fostering children’s interests and talents