Promoting British Values

From September 2014, The Department for Education introduced a statutory duty for schools to promote British Values.

At St Day and Carharrack we actively prepare children for life in modern Britain through exploring different religions and cultures through whole school trips, residential experiences and inviting different people into our school to lead a variety of workshops such as - workshops in Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Capoeira. Our children are learning the importance of showing respect and tolerance for people with different beliefs to themselves and celebrating differences and similarities alongside learning about their own culture.

We ensure that the fundamental British Values are introduced, discussed and lived out through the ethos and work of the school. All curriculum areas provide a vehicle for furthering understanding of these concepts. Our cross-curricular approach provides excellent opportunities to deepen and develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education of our children.

At St Day and Carharrack we ensure our children have exposure to a wide experience beyond their local community. Their strong rooted values-based understanding gives them an excellent platform for embracing differences amongst themselves and the wider community.

At St Day and Carharrack we value the voice of the child and promote democratic processes – this is epitomised by our School Council who are elected yearly to make a real difference in school. This dedicated group have regular opportunities to debate ways to improve the school.

Older children often lead younger children in games and activities so that they are fully involved in all aspects of school life. We expect all our children to be good role models for each other which is encouraged through high expectations of behaviour.

Annual Events: