About Our Nurture Provision

We are super proud of our Nurture Provision here at St Day and Carharrack School. So proud in fact, that other people visit our setting to see what we do and how we do it! Please read on to find out more about our Nurture Provision and how it has become such a valuable part of what we offer our school community. 
We opened our Nurture Provision in September 2021 as a strategy to ensure all of our children are able to fully enjoy and engage with their time at school. The provision is anchored within our Respectful Relationships Policy, Rights Respecting approach and our Restorative Justice practices and is  evidence-informed. The Provision has evolved over time and is now a base for children, parents and staff to access, with a focus on supporting and developing:
  • Emotional Literacy - recognising, managing and appropriately expressing emotions
  • Social Communication skills - navigating and enjoying relationships with others
  • Reducing anxiousness and building resilience to challenge
  • Self-regulation skills - noticing sensations and responding safely to these
Within our Nurture Provision, a number of structured interventions are implemented to support a wide range of children, including those both with and without SEND. 
The Nurture Provision is led by our Nurture Lead, Michelle Salter. Mrs Salter is our Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Champion and is Trauma Informed trained. The SENCO, Laura Vallance, oversees the provision, helping to ensure the right children are accessing the right support at the right time. 
The Nurture Provision is not a 'class'. The Provision is a space which different children access throughout the day for different reasons. Learning Support Assistants who support those children in class will also support them within the Nurture Provision in order that all our pastoral approaches are joined up and consistent across the school. Any curriculum earning that happens within the Nurture Provision remains the responsibility of the class teacher.
The Nurture Provision space has been carefully thought about. The room is organised into zones to support children to:
  • Complete learning
  • Read
  • Self-regulate and calm 
  • Role-play with others
  • Enjoy sensory experiences
  • Access outdoor learning 
  • Move safely
Our approach to developing emotional literacy and self-regulation skills is based on the 'Zones of Regulation'. For further information about our approaches, please follow the link below. 
Mrs Salter has been working with children in our school as part of her autism champion role. The children have made an educational video and written an amazing poem all about neurodiversity to explore and celebrate neurodiversity and raise awareness of this for our school community. This video was shared with parents as a special movie premiere this week. 
This poem "Neurodiversity in Our Eyes" has been written by three of our children at St Day & Carharrack School.