Design and Technology (DT)

Design and Technology Curriculum Intent Statement

Here at St Day and Carharrack Community Primary School our design and technology curriculum aims to challenge pupils, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to experiment, invent, create, evaluate and innovate. Our curriculum offers children inspirational opportunities to enjoy creatively using their imaginations to design and make products to solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. Pupils will engage in discussions and evaluate their designs by drawing on their knowledge of other subjects such as maths, science and computing to think critically about their outcomes. Throughout their time with us at St Day and Carharrack our pupils will experiment and explore with textiles, mechanisms, structures, cooking and nutrition. Children will incorporate cross curricular learning with opportunities to include scientific aspects such as electrical circuits and computer aided design. By the end of their time at our school we aim for our children to excel as creative and critical thinkers providing them with fundamental skills to support them in succeeding in all their future endeavours.
Progression in Design and Technology and Long Term Plan
The National Curriculum 2013 - Design and Technology
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