Once Upon a Picture
Click on the link to find a collection of images to inspire children to write about and discuss. 
Talk for Writing 
Thank you for taking the time to support your child's learning. We have added booklets for children from Reception - Year 6 to inspire and support your child to develop skills and confidence in English - speaking, listening, reading and writing. 
These booklets include many activities designed for children in each year group. 
All  pupils are entitled to a broad and diverse learning experience. Language and literacy skills are taught on a daily basis across the school. These skills are then applied in cross-curricular learning opportunities. At St day and Carharrack Community School, we have an exciting and innovative curriculum based on our local community and other national and worldwide cultures. This enables us to provide opportunities for our children to use their growing language and writing skills in a rich cultural context. Each year group plans units of work using the National Curriculum statutory guidance and these are linked with year group essential questions. During the course of the year, each year group will cover a balance of fiction, non-fiction and poetry text types.

Shared writing:

Takes place within the literacy lesson; the teacher models the writing (WAGOLL- what a good one looks like) to the class as the expert writer. This encourages oral responses and a high level of collaboration. The children can then write confidently and independently using the ideas that they have rehearsed and prepared.

 Guided Writing:

This takes place with a group of children with similar writing targets or needs. During a guided writing session the children will write with an adult supporting. Guided writing provides opportunities for children to demonstrate what they have learnt and develop their writing skills at a pace suitable for them.

Independent writing:

The children will have many opportunities throughout the year to write independently using the growing skills they are taught. The children will have the opportunities to make books, posters, recipes, instructions, plays, fact files and a wide range of stories. We encourage our children to produce work of a high quality and finish ensuring that the children always try their very best using all opportunities to reach their potential.

Ideas for story writing:

Below are links to ideas that will inspire writing. Often children will respond to an image that sparks their imagination. Share some of these images and discuss what the story behind the image might be. Be as creative as possible. Spend time telling the story before you write. Draw a mind map or story mountain to help with ideas. Create a list of WOW words to use in the story. When the story is finished check for punctuation and draw an illustration. Have fun!


Ideas to help with creating great sentences:

Writing super sentences is essential in all subjects. Using correct punctuation and structure at an early age will develop good habits that will stay for life. Have a go at some of the ideas to help structure super sentences.