Week Beginning 7th September 2020

This week's email to families
Dear Year 3 families
Welcome back! 
Many thanks for supporting us in giving the children a smooth and settled start back to their new school year. Thursday and Friday were really enjoyable and hopefully the children are feeling a little more confident with the new routines and us, their new class adults. 
Below is a bit more information specific to year 3 (Topaz Class) which you may find helpful with both organising your child for each day and understanding a little more about a day in the life of Topaz Class child. Please note that all attachments will be printed for you and sent home on Friday. 
Class Adults 
Mr Hayes, Ms Vallance and Mrs Bolt (Teaching Assistant) make up the adults in Topaz Class. I teach Topaz on Mondays and Tuesdays and Mr Hayes teaches them for the rest of the week. Mrs Bolt is in our class all day, everyday which is brilliant. We know the children have had a fabulous two years with Miss Barron and she has spent lots of time with us sharing information we need to know to ensure your child has the best possible experience in year 3. 
We appreciate that at the moment, it might feel tricky seeing Mr Hayes or I given the circumstances however we are always glad to hear from should you need to let us know of anything and we will always be in touch with you should we need to let you know anything.  During working hours, Mr Hayes and I will respond to emails from you, or if you'd prefer to talk don't hesitate to ring the school office and they'll get the message to us. 
Mr Hayes - phayes@st-day.cornwall.sch.uk
Ms Vallance - lvallance@st-day.cornwall.sch.uk 
School Office - secretary@st-day.cornwall.sch.uk  01209 820456
Class Timetable
Attached is a copy of the year 3 specific timetable. You may note that we have an extra couple of break times; these have been constructed by making lunchtime shorter - lunch is now eaten in the classroom. This is to support us in not mixing class bubbles. The feedback from the children so far is that they are very much enjoying the playtimes and we know it's going to help them be successful with their learning. It also gives us time to wash hands/sanitise so we are keeping our class environment as hygienic as possible. The children have been amazing at following instructions to do this - thank you! 
Year 3 start time is 08:30 and finish time is 14:45. On a Friday the finish time is 12:40, after lunch. Thank you for helping us to implement the government guidance of 'staggered starts and finishes' so easily. 
P.E. is on a Monday. Your child can come into school wearing their P.E. kit to avoid us having to get changed. They will then come home in their P.E. kit also. 
Keeping a pair of wellies and a coat in school will be really helpful. We aim to be outside as much as possible regardless of the weather. 
Please ensure your child has a water bottle with them which can come home and be washed nightly - unfortunately you'll understand that at the moment, we cannot hand out cups for drinking. 
Below are two photos of the classroom so you can see where your child is spending their school day. 
Class Expectations
As ever, the children are expected to follow our 6 Golden Rules:
We are gentle
We are kind and helpful
We listen
We are honest 
We work hard
We look after property 
As and when they do this, they are being rewarded with a star sticker in their 'Topaz Triumph' booklet. As they achieve 10 stars, they will be able to choose a prize from the Golden Box. The children have already engaged with this and are all working hard to reach the 10 stars. We'll continue this reward system throughout the Autumn term. 
Class Learning 
This term, we are focusing on revising some key aspects of Year 2 learning and incorporating new Year 3 learning so all children are able to be successful. We know from the parent survey conducted before the holidays that you are keen to know how you can help at home. On Friday, you'll receive a pack containing the curriculum and topic coverage for this term along with ideas to support learning times tables and spellings.
Spellings will come home on a Friday and be checked the following Friday. The spelling list will be put onto the class page of the school website so you can easily access them. The list will focus on spelling patterns and rules as well as common exception words. We will be assessing spellings weekly but the true test of whether your child knows their spellings will be the consistent application of the words in their writing. In order to support with this, you will notice that some spellings are repeated throughout the term and the course of the year. Attached are various fun spelling games to support your child with their spellings and on the website are links to spelling quizzes and fun online spelling sites. As always, we hugely value the support and help you give your child in learning their spellings. You may choose to focus on spellings as a Friday afternoon activity.
By the end of year 3, the children are expected to know their x2, x5, x10, x3, x4 and x8 tables. Whilst we will be rehearsing these regularly in class, any additional support you can offer at home with this is gratefully received. Attached is an advice sheet with suggestions of how to learn times tables. 
From the letter you received on Friday, you'll note that reading books and reading records won't be coming home just yet. We'll be doing lots of phonics and reading in class but anymore you can do at home will greatly support your child's progress with their phonics and reading. Please just ask Mr Hayes or myself for any resources to support with your child's phonics/reading. 
We're looking forward to a hugely successful year, working in partnership with you. You know your children best so please don't hesitate to keep us updated with any changes, worries, successes or questions you may have. Working together will mean we can support your child in the most effective way to ensure the best possible outcomes for them. Your communication is very much welcomed and valued. 
Here's to a fantastic year for our wonderful Team Topaz!