Turquoise Class -Yr6

Year 6 have had a very busy start to 2019 with The Ancient Greeks and The Odyssey igniting imagination and interest. Year 6 have been learning about life in Ancient Greece and how this influences modern society. REAL PE is keeping everyone active and healthy with our Sports leaders spending time encouraging activity and engaging choices at playtime's.  Daya has been in to teach us about the Muslim faith- the food was delicious! A wealth of learning is happening - come and read our homemade books to find out more!
Please find the Year 5 and 6 spellings on this page. These will feature in the Year 6 SAT's. You'll also find the common exception words, which would be good to practice and learn in preparation for SAT's. 
Here is a list of useful Maths websites to practice multiplication:
And some spelling websites:
This is the website to use for Past papers:
They're downloadable!!!