Support for Mental Health and Well-being

Please find below links to resources that can be used to support parent and child mental health and well-being at this time. 
Mindful Gnats can aid relaxation and forms part of a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programme. Mindful Gnats is the free app which comes with the programme; anyone can download it. 

This link helps us understand the well-being benefits of being creative for adults and children (a good justification for encouraging creative activities together)


This link is from a New Zealand site and has some really good information about the links between parent and child emotions
This is a link to MindEd for families.  You can register and seek support for your children should you need it. It has brilliant, practical solutions for supporting your child's mental health.

This is a child friendly explanation about what our thoughts are


This is a child friendly link helping to explain anger
This is a toolkit resource created in Devon supporting families to understand and manage self-isolation
This story for children is helpful to understand our feelings throughout the time of lock-down.