School Emails Sept 2020-2021

Email sent 21/09/2020

Dear Families


I hope you are all keeping well. Our new reception children have completed their first full day today - well done to everyone! We are so lucky having the school field - most classes were able to eat outside in their class bubble and enjoyed additional time outdoors today. 



In preparation for home learning and to be prepared for any future lockdown, your child will come home with log in details this week- to access 'Google Classrooms' at home. This is new for our school and will give us all another way to access learning. Please follow the instructions to set your child up at home - this will be sent in a separate email and included in your weekly email from your class teacher. We are looking at several options for home learning as we appreciate that not all children have access to a device at home or may have to share computers. 



As we move to more online activity, please see the useful online safety guide being sent by email. This guide supports parents to set controls - this is key in working together to keep your child safe online. Thank you. 


  • ILLNESS - Thank you for continuing to call the school office if your child is poorly - an email or call on the same day will enable us to authorise the absence.
  • SCHOOL MEALS - Please see the email sent from the school office about ordering online. Thank you to all the parents who managed to order the school meal online. Please let your child know each morning what has been ordered to avoid disappointment in school. 
  • FREE SCHOOL MEALS - Please see the email sent from the school office. If you would like us to check your details, please contact the school office before September 25th. 
  • NAMED WATER BOTTLES - need to be in school every day. We will contact you if your child does not arrive with one. 

CONGRATULATIONS to all our GOLDEN STARS this week! We will share this on our school website. 


Thank you for your continued support. As always, if you have any concerns or worries, please do not hesitate to contact us. A big thank you to the staff team for adapting to so many changes each week and thank you to our families and children for making this all work to keep everyone safe. 


With best wishes


Susannah Storey

 Email sent 15/09/20

Dear Parents


The government have changed the criteria for Free School Meals and now include additional benefits.  If you would like to check if your child is eligible please email me with the following information:


NI Number

Your date of birth

Your Surname


This will then be sent to the relevant department within Cornwall Council and if you meet the criteria I will contact you to complete a form.


This will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. If you prefer to email Ms Storey directly, please do. Your child will not know that they are receiving 'free school meals'. 


In addition to free school meals, the school will discretely support you with £200 credit to be used towards uniform, trips or other areas which would benefit your child such as sport/music sessions in/outside of school.


Even if you don’t think you will meet the criteria it is worth checking.  If you would rather check yourself, you can visit this website:

to complete the form directly. 


If your child already receives free school meals please ignore this email.


Many thanks


Email Sent 14/09/20 13:30

Dear Families


We have had a brilliant first week and a half back!

This morning we had our first whole school 'virtual assembly' - the technology worked and it was lovely to see everyone all at once and have a peak in each other's classrooms. We celebrated our 'Golden Stars of the Week' but also acknowledged how amazing every class has been!


Our virtue this week is 'kindness'. We need acts of kindness more than ever, at a time when personal circumstances continue to be challenging for many in our school community. We will send a letter out this week regarding 'pupil premium funding' or please get in touch with me directly if your circumstances have changed and you would like me to check your entitlement, in confidence. 


A big thank you to W.J.Mills funding for enabling us to purchase a school fish tank (see below)! The children know to find me there - it is a lovely place of calm and is supporting our children to have some quiet reflection time or to enjoy when they have achieved their learning. I am learning so much about fish from some of our children who are clearly experts!


Please note, that all emails/information sent out to you this term are now stored on the website under the 'Parent Information' tab. 

The updated School Risk Assessment is under the 'Coronavirus' tab. 

The updated 'What to do if...' (pupil absence) is attached and on the website. 

Thank you to families for taking the time to contact us if your child is feeling poorly or is going to be late for school. The office is open from 8am and a message can be left if the line is busy.


I know it feels confusing with lots of conflicting information. Please see the attached posters which I think are supportive in knowing what to do and useful reminders. Please be assured that we are reviewing procedures daily and there will be changes in response to changing guidance or suggestions from parents/staff/children. If you/staff need to have a conversation, please have a face covering available. Sometimes we are not able to be a safe distance apart so a face covering will help us to keep each other safe. Thank you once again for the parent support - it makes a huge difference and we are very grateful to you all. 


Do not hesitate to phone if you need to, I appreciate that there are different individual circumstances. 

You will receive a brief email from your class teacher at the end of today so you are aware of the learning focus for this week. The whole school is busy on a combined art project which we are excited to share with you in the near future!

Many thanks and best wishes


Susannah Storey


Email sent 14/09/2020 10:08am


**Important**  Nasal Flu Letter for Parents


Good morning


Please find attached a letter inviting you to consent to the nasal flu vaccine for your child.  This letter provides you with a link to the online consent form along with a unique code for our school. 


If you are unable to complete the online form please contact the School Immunisation Team on 01872 221105 and they will be happy to complete the form with you over the phone. 


If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.


Many thanks


Email sent 07/09/2020

Parents, Staff and Children


I would like to thank you all for making our return to school as smooth as possible by embracing all the changes and enabling everyone to feel safe. Thank you to everyone for your commitment to the staggered arrival and collection times. We are grateful for your support, understanding and willingness to follow all our new guidelines. We have had a calm start to the mornings and it has been nice to be able to greet everyone properly. We are reviewing how we can support families with a 'drop off' wait longer than ten minutes. Thank you to the staff for taking their lunch break with the children while we all settle back in. The children have really been amazing!


Collection at the end of the day is slightly easier to manage. If you would like to collect all your children at the earlier time - please inform the office in advance (unfortunately it cannot be the later time). For KS2 families, we are asking you, if possible, to walk around the one-way system to collect your child from the playground - as this will prevent parents being too close together outside the school gate. In the mornings, you do not need to walk all the way around if your child is happy to walk in. 


Today, you will receive a 'welcome letter' email from your child's class teacher detailing important times and information. This letter will be included in your printed 'welcome pack' which will come home with your child on Friday. We know from the parent survey conducted before the holidays that you are keen to know how you can help at home. This pack will include the curriculum and topic coverage for this term along with ideas to support learning times tables and spellings. Every week on a Monday, you will receive a short email from your child's class teacher detailing the key learning focus for the week. This will help you support your child during the week and on a Friday afternoon. 


Should you need to need to share important information please catch Hayley outside the school office between 8.30-9.00 or email the school office. Hayley will ensure your message is passed on to the class teacher that day. You can also email class teachers directly but please bear in mind that their priority is teaching and emails are not checked until the end of the school day. Teachers will aim to reply to emails by the following working day. Emails sent over the weekend will be picked up on Monday mornings. You can also arrange a phone call conversation if necessary. Over the weeks we will review and adapt our procedures if needed. 


Please see the attached letter I have been asked to pass on from Rachel Wigglesworth Director of Public Health (interim) Wellbeing and Public Health. 


We are looking forward to a great year ahead and building on the positive relationships strengthened over lockdown. You know your children so please don't hesitate to keep us updated with any changes, worries, successes or questions you may have. Working together will mean we can support your child to be successful and flourish. The staff team have certainly hit the ground running and it has been wonderful to see so many smiling faces. 'Here We Are'  is the book being used across the school and we will share our learning with you over the next few weeks. As Oliver Jeffers' Father said, 'There are only three words you need to live by, son: respect, consideration and tolerance.' We will be discussing this in class under our whole school virtue of 'KINDNESS'. 



Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need to. We value your communication and support.