Sapphire Class -Yr5

Welcome to Sapphire Class!
2018-2019 sees Sapphire Class enjoying learning the statutory National Curriculum objectives across a range of topics. The topics have been designed to link together all areas of learning across subjects. Please find the planning overviews and curriculum information leaflets for each term to help you know what the learning focuses are. Each topic ends with a real outcome enabling all our learning to be meaningful and purposeful to the children. 
Autumn  Space and beyond (Science focus)  A space travel expo
Spring   The Majestic Maya (History focus)  A Maya market
Summer   Poles Apart (Geography focus)  Short film screenings
The following are the best ways to assist with your child's learning:
  • Ensuring quick recall of times tables to 12x12 and related division facts.
  • Reading daily - in Sapphire Class we encourage the children to complete their Reading Records independently. Each day at 13:15 the children read silently for 15 minutes to foster their love of books and reading; you will notice they are recording those reads in their books by themselves. They can do the same at home.
  • Learning spellings - the spellings for the week ahead are updated at the bottom of this page although we encourage every child to take responsibility for these each week.
  • Ensure they have a P.E. kit in school everyday. 
  • Have a water bottle (no juice or squash, please) and a healthy snack for break time. 
Thank you!
Below is a celebration of all the learning completed so far this year...enjoy!
Please spend some time learning these ready for Friday 21st June 2019. Thank you. 
The words for this week are linked to some future Science learning we are going to do.