At St Day and Carharrack we complete daily Read, Write Inc Phonics with the children. Read, Write Inc consists of Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds which the children learn and rehearse both verbally and in their writing. Children are able to use these skills daily to decode and blend words when reading, enabling them to become  fluent and confident readers. They can use their phonic skills to access a wide range of challenging texts and develop into more independent writers using their sounds.
In the summer term, all Year One children will take part in a phonics screening assessment. This is an assessment which consists of 40 words, a mixture of 'real' words and 'alien' words. The skills obtained through daily Read, Write Inc will enable the children to identify the sounds within these words, to decode and blend it independently. The children complete a practise assessment every half term so they are familiar with the process and aware of the progress they are making.