Jade Class - Yr1

Jade class spellings - week starting Monday 24th June 2019
Summer Term Topic: Geography Focus - To The Rescue
This term our topic is To The Rescue. For this we will focus and explore the Cornish Coast with a heavy focus on the RNLI. We will be looking into beach safety and rules to follow when visiting the seaside, the roles of lifeguards, the coastguard and RNLI. Jade class will be researching lighthouses and we will build our own using junk modelling with working electrical circuits to light them.
We will be exploring the life of Helston born, Henry Trengrouse who invented the 'rocket' lifesaving apparatus and Grace Darling, a lighthouse keepers daughter who helped with a shipwreck rescue. 
The stories we will be reading and focusing our writing on this term will be The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch and The Magic Carpet.
Spring Term Topic: History Focus - Attenborough's Animals
Welcome back to an exciting term in Jade class! We are exploring the work of David Attenborough and animals around the world. We are focusing heavily on dinosaurs and researching information about their size, structures, habitats and diets. 
We have started to use our new Jurassic World role play area and have lots of art work planned to complete it, including dinosaur footprints, leaf building, dinosaur egg making and creating our own fossils. In addition to this, our literacy focus is based on the story Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs and we have already completed some fantastic writing on this.
The children are all very excited and enthusiastic about our new topic and this is reflected in the super work they are producing. A great start to 2019 in Jade class!
Our Autumn Topic: Science Focus - The Big Build
'Andy the Robot Guy'
We had a visit from Andy who showed us his two robots Tommy and Toby. He demonstrated how they could sing, dance and teach yoga!
Daya visit
On the 30th January 2019, Daya came to visit us in Jade class. She told us all about Hinduism, exploring Hindu traditions, beliefs, music and we even tried some dancing. We discussed differences and similarities between our cultures and Daya brought in some lovely clothes for us to try on.