Welcome to Emerald Class - Year 4

Welcome to Year 4
 Here at St Day school we SPARKLE- Support Learning, Picture learning, Accelerate learning, Responsible learning, Know learning, Looking forward to learning and Enjoy learning!
We have an inclusive environment that gives many different opportunities to learn through exploring, questioning and evaluating. Check out the highlights below...
Curriculum Overview in Year 4
Autumn Term: Spirit of Adventure- What controls us?
Here we will be exploring what actually controls us? Is it our body or our mind? If we undertook a challenge what will help us keep going- fitness or mental attitude?
Spring Term: What did they leave behind? Were the Vikings vicious?
The Vikings an iconic time in our history known for their blood thirsty battles or were they? The Vikings appear to misunderstood at a gruesome period of time where killing seemed to be the centre of their time. We will be exploring how the Vikings lived. What caused them to have epic battles? What other skills did they have other than being warriors?
Summer Term: Sun, sea and sand- The Rainforest (Home Learning)
Due to the current pandemic our Summer Term has looked a bit different this year. Instead of focusing on just the rainforest we have been working on refreshing our skills through a variety of suggestions. What I have learnt this term is that my adaptability, resilience and creative thinking has been strengthened. 
Highlights from Year 4...