Opal Class- Reception

What an exciting start for the children in Opal class...from apple investigation to fizzy exploding experiments! The beginnings of awe and wonder.  We are beginning to develop questions and find out why and how things happen.  
Story telling with John Brolly on Mondays continue to inspire the children.  They have come up with some creative ideas and the adventures continue thought the weeks of learning.  We have found ourselves outside in the orchard having snack (what beautiful sunny weather we have had!) looking for Mr Wolf.  Naughty Mr Wolf stole our boiled eggs which we had to find for snack.  Phew... we found the eggs and the adventures continue with Mr Wolf safely snuggled up in Miss Horne's cupboard.  The children have created some lovely stories and have begun writing and developing their own mini- story books.  Finally we picked some apples in the orchard and decided to cook apple pie.  
Next week: How to press apples and make apple juice
Look at our lovely handwriting!  Developing fine motor control and letter formation.