Opal Class- Reception

What an exciting start for the children in Opal class...from apple investigation to fizzy exploding experiments! The beginnings of awe and wonder.  We are beginning to develop questions and find out why and how things happen.  
Story telling with John Brolly on Mondays continue to inspire the children.  They have come up with some creative ideas and the adventures continue thought the weeks of learning.  We have found ourselves outside in the orchard having snack (what beautiful sunny weather we have had!) looking for Mr Wolf.  Naughty Mr Wolf stole our boiled eggs which we had to find for snack.  Phew... we found the eggs and the adventures continue with Mr Wolf safely snuggled up in Miss Horne's cupboard.  The children have created some lovely stories and have begun writing and developing their own mini- story books.  Finally we picked some apples in the orchard and decided to cook apple pie.  
Next week: How to press apples and make apple juice
Look at our lovely handwriting!  Developing fine motor control and letter formation.  
Lets Travel to the Amazon Rainforest....
Great start to the new year! Children in Opal Class are studying animals this term and our new topic is Animal Journey's.  Who knows where this topic will take us.  We have made a swift start and children are beginning their learning journey by discovering through reading and information found on the internet, which animals are found in the Amazon Rainforest.  Vines, monkeys, giant leaves and snakes are beginning to take over the classroom.  The sound of rain and thunder can often be heard floating through the corridors.  There is even a jeep to go on Safari.  Who knows what you might find lerking in the jungle!  
Children have returned to school with a bounce in their step and enthusiasm to learn. Our main aim this term is to continue to inspire our young minds in order to engage and explore new ways of learning in all areas of the curriculum.  By being motivated in what we are doing will help us to achieve and produce a high standard of development.  Lets go to the Jungle RRRRRRRR!  
A super exciting start for Opal class this Spring term 2019.
Our adventures this term include: Animal Journeys.  We are travelling through the jungle and have a rainforest in the classroom with a jeep to go exploring.  Mind the tigers though!  So far we have written books about animals, learnt about length and pattern and made long and short snakesssssss!  A dance is in the making along with an exciting puppet theatre.  A giant tiger is appearing before out eyes.  
Brilliant start back to school after the half term break!  We celebrated Chinese New Year and cooked spring rolls and experimented with two different types of pastry.  We wrote a list of ingredients for Spring rolls and wrote using Chinese characters.  Most exciting of all however was the arrival of frog spawn and stick insects.  Hope the tiger doesn't eat them all!