Mission Statement


School Vision


“Ignite the spark, fire the desire”

At St Day and Carharrack Community School we will nurture a stimulating and secure learning environment for all, offering a variety of challenging, diverse and dynamic experiences whilst encouraging the freedom to develop a sense of self worth, responsibility and confidence.


The School Curriculum


During their time at this school the children are encouraged to reach out to the limit of their mental, physical and creative abilities. All members of the staff team strive to fulfil the challenge of meeting the needs of all the children. The children may attend our primary school for up to seven years, our youngest children begin in the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS), this is followed by Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2) and the final years in primary school are spent in Key Stage 2 (Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6)

The children in EYFS learn through an integrated programme of study covering language and literacy, mathematics, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical, creative and personal and social development.

In Years 1 - 6 the children follow the National Curriculum subjects. These subjects are:

English, Mathematics, Religious Education, Science, Geography, History, Art, Music, Physical Education, Computing, Modern Foreign Languages and Design Technology.

The National Curriculum is not the whole curriculum, however, and areas such as environmental education, personal and social education, Cornish studies and other Cross-curricular themes will be pursued to provide a balanced education.

At St Day and Carharrack School we are teaching the children in Y1-6 through the Inspire Curriculum. Learning takes place in topic for approximately 4 weeks, allowing the children’s engagement in learning to be maintained before moving to another topic.